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What Is My Prepping Concern in 2021 and Beyond

What Is My Prepping Concern in 2021 and Beyond

Remember those days when prepping was more about hypothetical situations than actual disasters? I don’t mean that there wasn’t an urgency. I am merely saying that we considered these manmade catastrophes something we had some time to prepare.

It seems like anything is possible and something great could happen. We feel like we’re at the edge of the cliff. Behind us, a group of politicians and social justice fighters is racing towards us.

I’ve always been someone who prepares for the worst but hopes for the best. But these days, hoping for the best feels like an unrealistic fantasy. Is it a full-blown SHTF scenario? Is it something that slowly burns and affects us over a long period? It’s hard to know, but we feel like there is a lot of change coming.


My preparedness plan is something I constantly review, and this time it seems more important than ever. Are you paranoid or a “Doomsdayer?”? It seems so. However, I would rather be a Doomsdayer and have my head in the sand than keep my fingers crossed hoping that everything will work out fine.

You should fix a roof leak before it ruins your house. The country we live in has a large hole in its roof. Instead of fixing it everyone grabs an umbrella, waits for it to stop, and then they go home. It’s fine until it rains again.

The point of this is that we only have control over what we are able to control. It is important to make every effort to achieve the best possible outcome, then allow things to fall as they will. While assessing your readiness priorities will not give you all the answers, it will help you to make better decisions about how you spend your energy and time.

Personal Doomsdays and Natural & Manmade Disasters

Knowing that a comprehensive preparedness plan is essential to be ready for any eventuality, we know this. There is nothing we can do except learn and prepare when it comes to personal doomsdays and natural disasters . We can’t stop these acts of God happening but we can and should help ourselves survive.

However, man-made disasters are often self-inflicted injuries that are easily avoided. Until it is too late, no one really pays attention. Individually, there’s not much that we can do. However, as a society, we have to let these things happen.

We have let politicians become corrupt and allowed large business to influence the government. And we allow the MSM dictate our thoughts and feelings. We have accepted the good life we enjoy for so many years as a right and taken our freedoms for granted.

Politics plays an important role in preparedness. Natural disasters are usually short-lived, unless you’re talking of an eruption in Yellowstone or an impact by an asteroid on the Earth. However, man-made disasters tend to last for a long time and can lead to more disasters.

My Prepping Priorities

Here is a list I believe to be more relevant than ever. Each one is caused by human activity, as you’ll see. It’s not that natural disasters or personal doomsdays shouldn’t be a priority. Rather, this is because these are essential components of preparation. These are the basics of preparedness. If you do not have them, then stop reading and put your focus there.

The order of the events in this list may not be correct. It’s difficult to predict which event will be more likely than the other. We are at hyperdrive and our acceleration is over the edge right now. I don’t think any of these scenarios will surprise me in the months or years ahead.

Pandemic and Subsequent Response

You might think that you meant “no natural disasters”. The Covid pandemic wasn’t a natural disaster, but I doubt it. Plus, the damage caused by our federal and state governments was greater than that of the virus.

To be honest, I didn’t consider a pandemic a priority a few years back. Although the pandemic appears to be receding, it shows us what a serious pandemic could do for our daily lives. It was a minor pandemic compared with other pandemics in the past, and it is possible that more could follow.

Pandemics with lower mortality rates than 1% would shut down companies, cause supply shortages and give rise to global governments to abuse their power and violate people’s inalienable rights. Imagine the devastation that a pandemic with only 2 to 3% mortality would bring. It would be a TEOTWAWKI event (The End Of The World as We Know It). The emphasis should be on “As We Know It”.

Economic Crisis, or Economic Collapse

The way the economy is developing and how our government can postpone it time and again makes it a high priority on my prepping priorities. This doesn’t mean that the economy will collapse overnight. It takes time.

This is something I see happening in a similar way as the pandemic. People react to news reports about how dire it is, or they ignore the reality until it becomes a fact. Although the government has some knee-jerk responses to slow down the decline, it is too little too late.

We don’t really know what this might look like. This could lead to a similar great depression, which makes it difficult to live for several years. Or it could bring about a major overhaul of our economy. As I will explain, an economic crisis could result in The Great Reset.

Government: The Big Business

Political leaders have been susceptible to corruption and bribery since the beginning. Big business has tried to exploit this system to their advantage. You need only look at the Vanderbilts’, Carnegie’s, and Rothchild’s. These men would be salivating at the ease with which large business can make a difference in Washington.

Corruption and bribery have become somewhat legalized because these elected officials are able to create finance laws for their own benefit. Because corporate lobbyists can line the pockets and create the laws that these politicians push through, they have greater power than ever.

The video below shows you exactly what I mean. The last twenty years have seen little influence from popular opinion on Washington policy. However, this number is significantly higher if you’re a corporate citizen.

Apart from the obvious, I think the biggest problem with these big companies like Google, Amazon, and Coke is their business model of making lots of money. They make decisions based on what is perceived to be popular opinion.

Social media’s vocal minority ranting about racism, cancel culture and wokisim has a significant impact on the decisions made by companies. These voices are amplified by politicians and the media, which in turn makes it possible for these “standards”, to reach Washington.

It is not surprising that our founder fathers chose to create a representative republic over a fully democratic system. This same reasoning is why we have the electoral colleges. The mob controls the decision-making process for 51% of the country. This is the only way to ensure that the country falls apart.

Civil Unrest

My top prepping priority is civil unrest. Because almost any SHTF scenario could lead to civil unrest in some way, it is important. Civil unrest these days is almost an everyday occurrence. This country is experiencing a higher level of tension than ever before due to income inequality and racial tensions.

I am concerned about when we will reach the point where civil unrest turns into civil conflict or even civil war. While our elected representatives tend to ignore looting, riots and act like they are an affront to democracy,

This will lead to civil unrest if it is accepted to set fire to cities, as it already has. Although I hesitate to call it civil war, with politicians and the media willing to fuel the fires, you can easily set off the powder keg.

Societal Decay

While popular culture is not a scenario of “SHTF”, it does have the potential to lead to such scenarios. The society is being shaped by the voices of a small minority, as I mentioned earlier. People are scared to voice their opinions out of fear, or reprisal. The NYPost has this article…

Even worse is a pure democracy in which 51% of the population decides for the entire country. It means that only 5% of the country’s population, the woke mob, is responsible for making the decisions. This is something I do not see changing until the society becomes dysfunctional.

China’s Influence

As I stated in the video I am not certain what is most concerning me about China. However, their pursuit of world dominance puts them at the top of my list. They could have military conflict, economic problems, or their growing ties to American businesses.

While politicians and large businesses shout about inequality in America, they do not speak out about China’s genocide or human rights violations. It is all due to money. While it is good for businesses to “Woke” the U.S., it’s not good for them to accuse China of their crimes.

It seems like the time is right for WW3. The Axis (good guys and bad guys) and the Allies were the two sides of WW2. It is likely that nations like China, Russia and Iran will not want to be involved in the Great Reset. This makes them the Axis.

Before I apply for the “Doomsdayer”, I want to clarify that I am not saying WW3 will be happening in the next 12 months. It seems likely in the near future, I am saying that. These countries don’t seem to be willing to give up their weapons and accept each other.

Great Reset

For me, this is an important issue. Without some major rebellion in the United States and elsewhere, I can’t see how a Great Reset could be avoided. I believe they are aware that something is on the horizon. Our nation is currently printing at an alarming rate and taking decisions that make me feel unsafe.

The image below shows how the elites harnessed the 4 th industrial revolution. Important to remember that harness means to be in control. These elites seek to take control of every part of our lives under the pretense of equality and sustainability. The full chart at the World Economic Forum Website will show you exactly what I am referring to.

Although equality and sustainability sound great from the outside, the Patriot Act and the For the People Act and the common-sense gun control are all good examples of the principles behind them.

The constitution would have to be ripped up in order for the Great Reset of the United States to become reality. This Great Reset is a complete disregard for everything that the founder fathers stood for. This is why I do not see an obvious pivot to the system. I believe it to be more like a “death-by-a thousand cuts” blueprint, which our government seems to love so much

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