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These 8 Uncommon Prepping Supplies Just Make Sense

These 8 Uncommon Prepping Supplies Just Make Sense

These 8 items are not prepping staples. Each person has different needs and wants, just like everything else in preparation. These are preparedness gear and items that may not have been considered before but might be useful in your preparedness plan.

You’ve probably seen articles on prepping supplies that you should have or those you didn’t know you had. Although these articles are wonderful, let’s face it, most of the supplies listed in them may already be available to us, or we have a good reason not.

These articles are my favorite, just like most preppers. My brain tells me half of the time to “Don’t do that!” Half of my brain is telling me “Don’t do it!” The other half says, “Yeah but what if?” Nine out of ten times I click on the link. These articles can sometimes remind us of what supplies are needed to stock. But most often, it is just confirmation that we’re on the right path with our preparedness.

Instead of talking about the same prepping supplies and gear that everybody has been discussing since the start of prepping , (me included), I will take a completely different approach. These are items that you might not hear of often, but may be useful to have in your prep plans.

Minibikes & motorized bikes

Motorized or minibikes are not common preparedness items, and they get very little attention in the preparedness community. Prepping communities agree that an EMP -proof vehicle is one with a minimum of electronics. However, there are many opinions on the extent to which vehicles and what they will be affected by an EMP/CME.

A minibike or motorized bicycle that has a 4-stroke engine and uses very few electronics fits perfectly into the “EMP Proof” mold. A Minibike costs only $500, but there are more expensive choices like the Motoped Survival bicycle ($3500), or the Rokon which is a staggering $9000.

An engine that attaches to your mountain bike is another cost-friendly option.

Drones Preppers

Drones are a controversial topic for me. Drones are quite creepy and I would be very concerned if one flew above my home. Drone technology is becoming more popular as a hobby than it being used for spying on people.

Drones can be very useful for preppers. Drones would work in the same way as military drones. A drone would allow you to perform reconnaissance and scouting while not being in danger. Four or five people could be done by one drone.

You could use a drone to get an aerial view of the area after or during a natural disaster such as tornadoes, earthquakes, or hurricanes. You could also check the damage to your home and property from a localized disaster that you may not have otherwise.

Prices for drones vary from $100 up to over $1,000. I recently the Mavic Mini and the Fly More package, and it is absolutely amazing. Preppers will love this smaller drone.

Warning: You don’t need to spend more than $1,000 on a drone. However, you shouldn’t go too cheap, as I have seen firsthand. The drone is my third purchase, as the previous two had no use. Controlling the smaller models was nearly impossible because they lasted only 5 minutes.

Backyard PondWater Storage

The most difficult part of preparation is water storage. Water storage should always be considered if you do not have unlimited water sources like a river, well or lake.

A backyard pond can be a great way to store water, depending on how you live. You can still store water inside your house, but your hot water heater only has 50 to 100 gallons. A pond will add another 50 to 100 gallons.

Although ponds require maintenance, the water is easy to filter. You can make your pond any size you like. My backyard pond is approximately 60gallons. But, if you have enough space the possibilities are endless.

Solar Tents

Although it may seem futuristic, this solar tent can be useful as a prepping tool. Although most people have their own solar tents, this all-in-one package is just as cool.

The solar panels are what I love most about the tent. I don’t like the solar panel the least. The solar panels are designed to capture the sunlight . However, they could be made more mobile to allow them to serve as a useful prep supply.

The solar panels would still be very useful even without the tent. I hope that in the future, a similar product will be available which is collapsible.

USB-Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable USB batteries is another one which is dependent on the situation. Although I wouldn’t recommend that all your batteries be USB-rechargeable, it is a good idea to have some in your emergency supplies.

There are many scenarios in which having a rechargeable battery and a USB port could prove useful. My main use is bug out bags and home griddown.

All should have normal lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and a charger. You can also have a couple of AA, AAA and 9Volt batteries which you can charge via USB. They can also be connected directly to a solar panel, making them great for power outages and bug out bags.

These USB rechargeable battery don’t replace regular lithium-Ion cells. The XTar VC4 charger will charge many sizes of different rechargeable batteries.

E Bulb An emergency light

Although I was honest with myself, I had no idea that these emergency lightbulbs were available until a few months back, they make a great addition to your prepping tools. These lightbulbs are unique because they combine a flashlight with a lightbulb.

These can be connected to a lamp, and they work as normal lightbulbs when all is well. However, when power goes out, the flashlights will switch to battery power. It means you don’t have to go searching for the flashlight you lost. You can also connect an adaptor to turn them into flashlights.

These E Bulbs are only useful in an emergency situation and do not have long-term effects. It is worth having a few E Bulbs around in case everything goes dark.

In the future I’ll be reviewing these E bulbs. For now, you can find more information on Boundary or see the Amazon reviews.

Hybrid Electric Cars

Some people will agree and others may strongly disagree. Since I’m honest with you, I can see both sides. A hybrid vehicle can save money due to rising fuel costs, but there are downsides. Everything is now electric.

Electric cars will soon be more popular than traditional combustion engines, according to the green energy push. I don’t plan to give up my gasoline-guzzler yet (maybe this Tesla Cyber Truck ), but I see the government making large gas-powered cars available for us to buy so that we have no choice.

These hybrid electric cars are a great prepping tool. Money is the first thing to come to my mind. You can save money on fuel by investing it in preparedness. We also spend money on maintenance each year, such as oil changes, spark plugs and belts and hoses.

These could be very useful in a situation of emergency or long-term grid down. Your fuel reserves will run out in a grid-down scenario. You could have unlimited fuel for your vehicle with a solar-powered battery bank.

This one is still a bit of a question for me, but I think it will become a reality in the near future. If we can make it this far without anything major. Don’t hold your breath.

Robot Pack Mule

Although it may seem like a distant dream, this would make a great horse. Imagine if you could have a horse you were free from the responsibility of caring for or cleaning up. Unfortunately there’s no civil option for the Pack Mule at this time, but technology will improve and something like this is possible.

This could be useful on the property and for bug-out situations. It would be useful in a bug-out situation, but it might need something smaller like a robot pack dog. The downside to the bug-out option is the fact that they are noisy and not used as often by the military. This could prove to be an issue in a bug-out scenario.

The downside of this robot technology, as well as all other robotic technologies is that I cannot help but to think about the film iRobot. Although it’s possible that I am overreacting, quantum computing and computers capable of learning make me wonder what the future might hold. There’s a possibility that I have seen too many dystopian scifi films.

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