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10 Prepping Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Ten Prepping Mistakes That You Must Avoid


Here are the 10 most common mistakes in prepping that you need to avoid.

Jack is my name and I have been involved with the preparedness community all of my life.

My family was a small Iowa farm where I grew up. In the 1980s, times were difficult and it was hard to survive. We were made to live a tough existence in order to survive.

In 2013, I started sharing my knowledge and learnings here. SkilledSurvival This website is. This website has been helping millions of people since then. Many questions.

I get emails from people about their prepper missteps. Stories about their missteps, confusions, and anxiety.

Here’s my video about the 10 most common prepper errors you need to avoid



1. 1.

A lot of people make the first mistake in prepping: getting too overwhelmed.

This mistake may already have been made if you are new to preparedness and survival. It’s okay. It is normal to feel overwhelmed.

It’s overwhelming to take in all the information. There are basic information about stockpiling food and water. You can also jump into aquaponics systems to quickly get in control. It is so sophisticated.

You need someone to help you understand the basics and to guide you through them. The good news is that I have created it for you.

So you aren’t overwhelmed, this post will show you 10 essential preparation steps. You will need to have two weeks worth of food and water.

You will feel empowered and able to make real progress, even if you are feeling overwhelmed. This will give you confidence that you are doing the right thing, and in the correct order.



Guy In Hoodie Looking Over Cityscape

2. 2.

Many people commit the next mistake in prepping: Trying to predict what will happen.

The majority of people are consumers Way too much energy and time Trying to find the next major crisis.

It could be, for example:

  • Another pandemic is possible?
  • A financial meltdown?
  • A supervolcano eruption
  • A severe drought?

This type of thinking is certainly entertaining and can help you to some extent. It’s not helping you prepare. Instead I prefer to be prepared for any possible crisis.

It is important to not focus on things I cannot control. What could be the next major disaster? It is something that I cannot control.

What can I do to control this?

What I have control over is how resilient my family to any future events Focusing my energy on improving my readiness. Instead of wasting time reading news, I will focus my energies on increasing my readiness.

It’s smart to stay informed. There comes a time when you stop being informed. Some point in the future, You are not using your time well.

Focus on the things you can control. Avoid trying to predict what the future will bring.



3. Compare Your Progress to Others

Comparing yourself with others is the next mistake in prepping.

Many people have been at this for a long time. You should also look up to them as inspiration. Do not envy

This was something I did when I started. I would watch videos, read forum posts and then quickly became discouraged.

This can seem so depressing.

You should focus on the things you have control over. Comparing will hinder your progress.

One time I was reminded of a statement that stated,

Comparing can make you lose a bit of joy.

Although you are excited about getting started and you feel hopeful, once you begin comparing the two, then you will be able to say:

Comparing can hinder your progress, and cause you to feel anxious and depressed.

This kind of thinking will steal your joy. Do not let this happen.


4. 4.

Sharing too much information is the next error people make. If you live close to neighbors, this is even more true You don’t have to believe.

Don’t get excited about the future and brag to everybody.

Avoid having food delivered to your home by asking neighbors next door for help.

Keep your preparations secret.

You must also be vigilant if your children are young. They’ll be going to school, and they will talk about your interest in it. You might start to share your achievements with friends.

It’s not fair for everyone to see that you are a prepper. If times are tough You don’t want neighbors to know about your preparations.

It is best to only share your preparations with people you trust. This is not about your family, but good friends.


5. Don’t Calculate Your Water and Food Requirements

The next step is to buy food and drink without realizing how much it will ultimately cost.

You must first decide how much water and calories you want.

This is an ideal goal for someone who’s new to the subject. However, you can go further if necessary.

We have a chart for food.

Your age and level of activity will determine the amount of replacement calories you need each day.

Add up the replacement calories for each person once you know how many. It will provide your family with all the daily food needs.

Multiply that amount by the number of days you would like your stockpile last.

Yes, basic math is necessary. Once you know the number, however, it is easy to apply that knowledge. You know how many meals you should buy.

It’s the same with water, but it is easier.

Instead of knowing how many calories you have, I suggest 1 gallon per person per day. Simply multiply that amount by the number of days you wish.

However, some experts recommend that you consume half a gallon per person and per day. This is a huge mistake in prepping.

You might be surprised at how much water you will need if you have the chance to practice an emergency run. It’s essential for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning.

You’ll also need to drink a lot of fluids if it’s hot out. Prepare for it.

If you own pets, such as a dog and a cat or dog, then they will also need water. You have to take care of farm animals.

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

It’s better to have enough water than too little. Therefore, I recommend 1 gallon of water per person and per day.


6. Be Afraid of Making Little Mistakes

It’s funny to see people make the next mistake because they are afraid of making it wrong and don’t take action.

This article might have been written by you. TheResilientLife published a blog post called Failure is the Secret Sauce to Success. That is what I believe.

To avoid any mistake, people plan and overanalyze. People are so concerned about making mistakes that they plan and plan. Never move in any meaningful direction.

However, forward momentum is crucial to your success.

You want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes but once that is done, it is time to move on.

It’s OK to make mistakes. It is important to not make mistakes that are fatal.

Don’t, for example, spend all your money on just one item. Make small errors, learn from them, and then keep moving.

This is how we learn as humans. Small mistakes are made and we then learn from them. By persevering through failures, experts tend to be “experts”.

Don’t be afraid of making minor mistakes in prepping.



7. Concentrating on One Part of Preparedness

It is easy to spend too much time and money on one aspect of resilience or preparedness.

This is a broad and complex topic, so it’s not possible to spend your entire energy or time on just food. You have access to water, communications, escape/evasion strategies and so on.

There are many topics related to preparedness. You should spend some time with each of them.

Again, this is why I put them together. A list of basic preparation steps Thank you. Before you dive into the rabbit hole, I’m here to make sure you have everything covered. Do not delve too deeply into any topic. It could take up all of your time, and even your entire life.

You might decide that aquaponics solves all of your problems. It could also be a great solution.

Before you go down this rabbit hole, I urge that you have your 10 basic steps in order.

Aquaponics is a passion of mine, and I’m not denying that. But, there are many other aspects to consider. There are many topics to consider, such as:

Just to be sure you are covered for deep diving, I want you to know that. Make sure to spend your time in every area of preparation.



8. Not Enough Emails

Too many people make the same mistake as me when they prepare for a trip. They end up signing up to too many emails.

You might be reading an article from a survival website and then a popup appears. They say, “Oh, okay, I’ll enter my email.” Then you visit another website and another pop-up appears or scrolls up.

Next thing you know you are on email lists for 10 to 15 sites. Let me be real. Most of these lists don’t put your best interest first.

There are many marketers working in the survival market today. Their sole goal is often to make as much as money as they can. They are very skilled at convincing you.

This is the course/item that will solve your problem.

It’s simply not true.

There are many good products and good people working in this industry. We are one of those people, I think.

Yes, there will be some items and courses that are useful. However, We test the products to ensure they are high-quality.

There are many people who don’t. They just say:

“How much do I earn to send this email offer to their list?”

Boom, it’s sent and they make good money. You’ll feel overwhelmed.

It is why I only recommend signing up for lists that offer no cost upfront. You can accept that they offer some courses or other things, but only if you are able to trust them.

This is not blindly sending stuff to you all the time.

It’s true, we send offers. Skilled Survival makes some extra money by sending offers. This allows us to continue producing free content.

We also offer a variety of products and training courses that can help you achieve your goals.


9. Avoiding Intimidating Gear / Supplies

Avoid making the next mistake in prepping by not investing in essential survival gear.

The gas mask is an excellent example.

Perhaps you see pictures of gas mask-wearing people and feel that only doomsday gurus would buy them. They may look cool to certain people, but they are not for everyone. It can be scary and frightening.

Gas masks can be understood easily. We’ve got an excellent post about gas masks that will educate you. We also show you some of our favorite gas masks at the end.

It’s an important part of your basic preparation starting plan.

What happens if you are exposed to a chemical or nuclear attack?

Perhaps the next pandemic will be 10 times worse than the last one. You won’t be able to go grocery shopping with a mask if this happens. A gas mask is required to go into the shop.

Why? You’ll need to filter. EVERYTHING These masks.

If you do not have one, it’s a good idea to get one once the event is over. You should always have a gas mask on hand.

People tried to purchase gas masks as soon as the pandemic had begun in March and April. They had to wait for gas masks up to eight weeks.

If the pandemic were 10 times worse, then you place your order and it will arrive before you know it. Don’t delay in getting gas masks. Do not be afraid to use it. It’s important gear.

You can do some research to find a quality one.

If your family budget is tight, I suggest at least one. You can get more if you have the funds. I recommend that you purchase one per family member, with additional filters.

10. Saying “I’ll Never Bug Out”

People say the following about prepping:

I’m never going to be disturbed. “No matter what the emergency, I will stay put in my home.”

You are probably correct for most of the time.

What happens when a wildfire breaks out?This is about emergency evacuation.

These wildfires are becoming more frequent in the west. You need an emergency bag. You need a bag that you have access to your supplies as well as YOUR equipment.

It’s about:

A bag that is YOURS must have all the supplies you need Only YOURS. This will ensure that you are not dependent upon the generosity of others or handouts.

There is a bit of resilience in your heart.

Because you never know what you might need to evacuate, everyone should have one.

Some people may be disabled and others don’t wish to part with their preparedness supplies. However, there have been people who didn’t leave during the wildfire season.

They perished because of it .

They loved their house and wouldn’t have wanted to move. But that is foolish. It is possible to replace your “stuff”, not your entire life.

Grab your bags and move on until the situation clears.



11. 11.

People make the biggest prepping error when they attempt to do it alone.

My earlier error about sharing too much is still a problem. Oversharing is not a good idea. You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

You can avoid the mistakes that I have seen others make. Mistakes I have made. What’s the point? For a smoother path to resilience

You’ll likely make more mistakes if you do it all alone. To get to the place you desire to go, it’s hard.

It is my job to assist you in reaching your goals, without making mistakes or wasting energy.

This is why I believe that the solution to the “lone-wolf” problem lies in becoming a member of The Resilient Life.

The resilience of life

Join our online community, TheResilientLife.

TheResilientLife has broken down preparedness into various preparedness badges. Below each badge is a list with prepping requirements.

You must meet these requirements in order to perform the activities. You can check them all.

It’s also cool that we track your progress and assign you a score. This is your readiness score. The readiness score can range from 0 to 200.

You can also check out actions that you have already completed before you start. This will give you an exact score of your preparedness. Then, you can highlight the preparedness activities you wish to concentrate on.

As you move on to the next step, You’ll be able to see an increase in your score.

You might start with a score of 50 and, three weeks later after you have done some activities, reach 60. Then you can focus more on actions to move up to 80.

Your progress ( will be visible and your resilience will increase.

The Resilient Life has been linked to an exclusive Facebook Group. You can also share any questions or successes with the group. These fellow preppers will be there for you.

This is information sharing to make you successful. If you ask a question they will answer your questions and tell you how to do it.

This Facebook group is full of amazing stuff.

People share their:

  • Evacuation plans for the uninvited
  • Bag supplies for bug-outs
  • The best foods for prepping
  • They choose the water storage containers
  • All of these.

This is real life. They share real information. It’s quite cool to watch.

TheResilientLife is a tool that allows you to:

  1. Keep track of your readiness progress
  2. This tool will help you decide the best preparation actions for your next steps
  3. You are motivated and held accountable by the community

You should definitely take some time to visit TheResilientLife.

It’s the only way I know to avoid making mistakes in prepping.


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