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5 Places You Should Not Be If SHTF: This Guide

Five Places You Should Not Be If SHTF: This Guide

This topic was something I thought about the other day. There are many places that you don’t want to be if SHTF happens.

It may be obvious from the perspective of both the event and its aftermath. It is best to move out of the path of a hurricane that is approaching in a category 5 storm, until it passes.

I won’t be building this article on one event, or even just a few. You can’t list enough of them all and there are many side effects.

Instead of focusing on the dangers inherent in all disasters, I will instead look at one commonality.

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A Little Clarification

Although I’m cautious, I tend to give people the benefit of doubt. I think of Men In Black, a funny movie that was made many years ago.

Tommy Lee Jones is in the scene talking with Will Smith about telling the people about aliens instead of keeping it secret. Will Smith says that people are intelligent and capable of handling it. Tommy Lee Jones responds:

A person can be smart. You know that people are dangerous, anxious, and dumb. 15 hundred years ago everyone believed that the Earth was at the centre of the universe. Everyone knew that the Earth was flat five hundred years ago. You also knew, fifteen minutes ago that the Earth was flat. Think about what tomorrow will bring.

Although I admit that I was only curious in the first sentence because it is related to the article, I still gave the entire quote as I don’t like taking things out of context.

Even though it is about aliens in the film, the original sentence applies to this topic. If push comes to shove the herd will swarm and everyone will look out for number 1.

Five Places You Should Avoid If SHTF

Large Cities

You may wonder what constitutes a big city. A large city is one that has an excessive amount of traffic jams during rush hour.

It is a bad idea to live in such an area if you have heard of SHTF and are concerned about your safety. To survive, most cities are dependent entirely on external resources.

There will be millions or hundreds of thousands of people fighting for the smallest necessities once supplies cease to come in.

The same cannot be said about suburbs. What do you suppose they’ll be doing next once they are out of the city?

Don’t get cornered

This is why there are many places you should avoid. You are putting yourself in a position that has only one exit, and it is dangerous.

You should not live near a street or other area with only one exit, but you can find safer alternatives.

Avoid main roads and bridges. You can find yourself stuck in traffic jams and congestion.

Also, public transportation must be avoided. These people will be the next target for those who want to escape. What will people do if they find out that the bus is full and turn them away?

Subways are another topic. There is a chance the power grid will go out during the SHTF. I don’t think anyone wants to be stuck on an underground or elevated train.

Don’t go shopping

People talk about “last-minute items” and I often shake my head. It is difficult to always have all you need, and this is why I preach being prepared.

When the SHTF strikes, it is too late to shop at grocery stores or go shopping in general. It is past that time. You can now make the best of what you already have, and remain in a secure location.

You won’t be the only one who has the urge to go to the shop during these times. There is a good chance that you won’t find the item you want and there will likely be more violence.

Police stations, fire stations, and hospitals

What? Isn’t it supposed that people should go there when things are difficult? It is true. There will be many people there.

This is because these areas are considered safe in the event of a natural disaster. People will often flock to them, as well as those who are hurt or need assistance.

These places might be overstaffed during normal hours. In the event of a natural disaster, employees may have to leave their families in order to care for them.

You can go to these locations if your injury or problem is serious.

Help Camps

If aid camps do get set up, it is likely that they will prove to be a terrible place to stay because of the overcrowding with desperate, sick and injured people.

They will also likely to be installed in gyms, sports arenas, large venues or fenced-in areas. Do you remember what I mentioned earlier? Don’t allow yourself to get cornered. Yes, it applies.

Then, where should you go?

This list is not complete! You will want to take two actions if things get very difficult.

Keep a safe distance from the event.

It is important to avoid large crowds of people.

Stay put if your house is located in an area that’s safe. It is safer to remain put, even if your supplies are not sufficient for a week or more.

It all depends on what the event is, but almost any place outside of major cities will be safer than living there. You can go to the parks, campgrounds, backroads and property of a friend or relative, but it is best to get away from chaos.

Take a bow

It seems that this article portrays people in a negative light. However, it isn’t always true.

Sometimes people can come together to help each other. However, this usually occurs after all the dust settles.

Be prepared to be ready for anything that might occur.

Thank you for reading.

Are there any places that you feel should be avoided if SHTF occurs? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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