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AR500 vs Kevlar

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This article will explain the differences and similarities between AR500 armor, and Kevlar. These are both materials used to protect a person against bullets from various types of guns.

AR500 vs Kevlar

There are many options for body armor. You can customize it to your needs. If you are interested in purchasing body armor, consider the options such as the Style, MOLLE and the adjustable mag pouches. You can customize the weight of your body armor by choosing the right type. The NIJ (National Institute of Justice), levels that you can choose will determine how strong your body armor. The different levels determine the types of guns that the armor can withstand. The most crucial part of choosing the right type and style of body armor is also important. The customer can customize his body armor to suit their needs by understanding the differences between Kevlar and AR500 Steel body armor. We will discuss in depth these three types of body armor in the hope that you can choose the customized one to suit your needs.

AR500, a specialized steel alloy is heated to bring it up to 500BHN. BHN, a measure of the Brinell scale which determines indentation hardness of material, is a unit. Steel’s hardness allows it to withstand the highest NIJ standards. The AR500 armor is not only stab- and poke resistant, but can also withstand bullets from assault rifles and submachine guns.

Kevlar, which was developed in 1965 is the second kind of armor that can withstand bullets from multiple firearms. American chemist Stephanie Kwolek discovered Kevlar (also known as Poly-paraphenylene Terepthalamide). The fiber was originally developed for stronger tires. However, it proved to be strong enough to withstand multiple tests that normally would break comparable fibers. This discovery led to the birth of polymer chemistry. The limits of the polymer were tested by labs from that point on. The labs finally released Kevlar KM2 after years of testing. This would be the ballistic resistant armor that is used in the armor we see today. Kevlar is a combination of fibers that are woven in layers. Multiple layers of Kevlar will protect you from bullets bursting throw. It is lighter than other vests because of its fibers. It will protect you from various levels of the NIJ standards depending on how thick the layers are. Keep in mind that the cost of Kevlar will rise as more layers are added.

These two kinds of armor can help you protect yourself in dire circumstances. There are a few key points to remember when deciding on which armor you should choose. AR500 steel plates offer the best protection for a reasonable price. Only problem is that the plates weigh 10 lbs each. The Kevlar armor is a significant weight difference and provides protection against most of the NIJ Standard Levels. The significant weight loss comes at a price. This knowledge will allow you to customize your body armor.

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