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11 Most Popular Off-Grid Living Myths

The Most Popular Off-Grid Living Myths


Do you think about living off-grid? Most working adults (especially city dwellers) think about this at some point. However, only a few people actually follow through and make it. The majority of adults who work have abandoned the idea of living off the grid for a variety of reasons.

Many people give up on their dreams of being off the grid because of misinformation that they received from unverified sources. These are some of the common myths and misinformation about off grid living. These are not necessarily the top-ranking ones. Here’s a list of facts and figures about them.

It’s not possible to work a normal job.

Remote working is becoming more popular for many occupations, which gives people the opportunity to live off-grid.

Today’s telecommuting economy allows millions to work remotely and make a living. This fear, which was founded a decade ago on the reality that few jobs allow remote workers to do so, is based in fact. However, it is now more common to make a living using standard internet connections or a smartphone.

It will be difficult to find gasoline

Living in an off-grid area means you will need to provide your own electricity and water. Some people who live in areas that are not connected to the grid have access to gas stations. The main point to keep in mind if you make rural or wild locations your home, is that gasoline cannot be stored forever even though it’s still in your vehicle’s fuel tank.

You can read an article about how much gasoline a car can use and why poor fuel can lead to engine problems in any vehicle. Petroleum-based fuels, like all natural substances, eventually degrade and lose their chemical structure. It is important to understand the details of this process in order to thrive and survive in a new environment.

Wilderness is dangerous

There are two myths to this. You won’t always be out in the wild because non grid existence doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected from the electricity or water sources that many suburban and city homes have. Many non-gridders can be found within a few miles of convenience and shopping malls.

The danger is also linked to the notion of living in remote mountain cabins hundreds of miles away from any road. Consider whether you would prefer to live in a condo downtown in a big city, or in a safe house located 20 miles away from city limits. The current level of urban crime is unprecedented. Use logic to evaluate the authenticity and falsehood of information you receive about remoteness or dangers of alternative lifestyles.

A large plot of land is essential

To create your dream life, you don’t need to have a large plot of land. Many homesteaders, a term that the non-grid people prefer to use these days, don’t have any land more than typical property owners in cities. While some may buy larger plots of land, this is not related to being off the grids. It is more about the cost of unimproved land.

To be self-sufficient, you must learn total self sufficiency

You don’t have to supply water or electric power yourself. Many homesteaders are solar power enthusiasts, who make large-scale ground-based investments and draw their majority of their energy from their cells. They either use large tanks to get water or they can tap a local well.

Self-sufficiency is a myth that dates back to when people moved to the wild. The Return to Nature Movement was a movement that took place between 1920 and 1930. It was primarily made up people who were already farmers or homesteaders. Grid-avoiders today sometimes farm, but they mainly avoid the traditional water and power supply systems.

Only farmers can do it

Non-grid people are rarely farmers. You don’t need to learn any agricultural skills to move out of the city. Off-gridding does not involve farming in an age where solar power has become relatively feasible, water supplies are safe, readily available and groceries can be found everywhere.

If you decide to buy a few acres of land and raise food crops, or livestock, go for it. But don’t let the common myths about farming fool you. Learning to raise chickens is something that many people do after leaving the city. Raising livestock, unlike growing crops or actually tilling the ground, is relatively easy and has low initial costs. It’s something many people want to do but it is not necessary.

You Can Get All of Your Electricity From Big Box Stores With These Solar Kits

You don’t want to depend on store-bought solar panels for your homestead. These kits are great for those who don’t have any other sources of power. However, even with 45 watts of power, you won’t be able to last for more than half an hour in a solar-powered 100 percent house.

You will need to invest several thousand dollars in a solar system capable of producing enough power for your family. You can get tax subsidies in many areas if you buy larger solar systems. Even though panels are expensive upfront, they can last for a long time and be easily moved around if necessary.

It’s relatively easy to do laundry in the tub

Washing your clothes can be a frustrating task. It’s much more complicated than people realize. If you aren’t in peak physical condition, washing multiple loads can become a tiring task. The second problem isn’t washing which can be tedious but drying.

Single people often find that there isn’t enough space to dry their clothes in a typical-sized home. You might have to use clotheslines when the weather isn’t kind. This means that you may need multiple drying lines in order to make your home dry on a consistent basis. Even if all your washing is done by hand, you might consider using a low energy dryer.

With solar panels, you can cover your roof

Another myth about solar is this. Ground-mounted panels are a more effective method of panel placement than the old roof. There are many benefits to placing the panels on the ground.

The first is that roofs can get too hot and interfere with cell efficiency. Ground mount units are quick and safe for easy cleaning. It is surprising how frequently homeowners need to clean their rooftop solar panels. You won’t need to climb a ladder or do endless reaching when your system is in the ground.

There is no need for propane

You might find propane useful if you own a high-end solar power system. This fuel is a convenient and cheap backup option for people who don’t have access to electricity or water. You will need propane, so plan to use it when the sun-powered units don’t have enough power. You can run almost any appliance or device that uses electricity on its own with propane fuel.

Wood stoves are great for off-grid living

Wood stoves are a hassle, even though they can be very efficient electric stoves at a reasonable price. While nostalgia is great if you are looking for it, managing a home with a primary wood stove is an extremely labor-intensive task. You will need to ensure that you have enough wood available for your unit. There are also endless chores associated with maintaining and cleaning it.

Wood stoves were abandoned by homeowners around the globe when gas and electric versions became available. While wood stoves can add beauty and charm to your home, they are not designed for daily use.

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